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CoinMarketCap JSON API

A straightforward API to access market information for the top 100 cryptocurrencies gathered from Updated every 5 minutes.

Open source, too!


Simply send a GET request to /api/symbol, where symbol is a currency code (e.g. BTC, LTC, DOGE, etc.)
You can also GET /api/all to receive information on all currencies at once.


Property Isolation

If you want to only get a single property of a currency, you can add it to the URL after the currency code:


Metrics about this service are viewable at /metrics.


  • Bitcoin: 1N7NPHD8ewczMaM2RWFnxwSZwyLb33Kz1G
  • Dogecoin: DEqp8qZxPKW63Z9dChuMAZsFDDg59n2R7z

Any and all donations are appreciated. :)